Monday, April 25, 2016

Communication Artifact- Ruzzix Media Website

Our group decided to create a new media company, Ruzzix Media. Ruzzix specializes in media services that included video/photography, web design, advertisements, etc. for any aspiring businesses that are looking to brand or re-brand their image. Our project includes a logo, poster, website and a commercial.

For my artifact I created the website for Ruzzix Media. I had no prior web design experience, but I enjoyed learning the ropes and tried to incorporate as many principles and axioms as possible. 

First, the law of similarity with the page structure. I wanted to be consistent with was yellow strip background with the page heading, a picture, text and content, grey strip background with company advertisement, and the footer with Ruzzix’s contact information. I liked alternating a lighter color yellow with white and a dark color, grey in order to create some contrast through the page. I included a photo to include more colors without disrupting the flow of the pages as well as give the audience a visual representation of the collaborative work that goes on within the company. 

I hoped to achieve a high degree of intuitiveness along with the law of pragnanz to make the website fun, but simple for any interested customer to navigate through. Each button is linked to something to help guide you where you need to go. Also, the consistency of colors and fonts hopefully makes the website easy to read, understand, and gets across our company’s goals and objectives. On the about page, I attempted to use the lower-right formula to make the text and video most effective.

I wanted the website to be easy on the eyes and free flowing through the law of continuity. Through a consistent structure and law of closure, I hope the audience’s eyes are attracted to everything as whole while also flowing from each pictures and text with ease.

I used the law of proximity with the text, portrait photos, logos, etc. to allow the audience to follow the central message of the page. For example, I grouped the media areas together to illustrate the services we have available and created a different section with our profile pictures to illustrate who we are and what we do.

I worked hard to keep a strong grid throughout the website. I used the rule of thirds to keep all the information central while keeping the gutter clear of distractions other than the photo or color of the strip. I did my best to keep everything aligned with one another just to keep the website clean.

Below is the link to our website. Enjoy :)